About Julia and her pets

Me and Begonia             Me, Begonia, Azalea, Buttercup and Balsom            Me and Buttercup

I am an 11-year-old living in Colorado. I love pets of all shapes and sizes! I want a dog, a parrot, a lizard, a horse, a goat, a pigeon and pretty much every other pet you can think of. The pets I have right now are listed below. I like to be creative! I write stories, make crafts and draw or paint pictures. I live with two younger sisters named Sarah and Lucy, an older brother named Matt and my Mom and Dad.Please follow my blog! I try to reply to every post. Thanks!


photo 1-4    DSC00352

Reesey is my first rooster and can be kind of mean, but all he really wants is to protect our hens. He is a red sex link breed, probably a red star. He has three sisters. He sounds like a rooster from a movie. “Cock-a-doodle-doo!” He loves the hens and will attack me and my family if it feels right to him. Once I picked up a hen that was trying to lay in the same nesting box as another hen and he walked over, pecked me in a matter-of-fact way, and left. My mom’s dream is that someday she may eat him.

Note; Reesey now lives with the neighbors.


photo 1-2

Pink-Face is a Barred Plymouth Rock that at first we thought was a hen. He was a lot smaller and didn’t have that giant tail then. He has three sisters, like Reesey. The hens don’t like him very much, but he tries anyway. He will make a danger call at the slightest thing. A box. A Husky dog. (Long story!) Me. I think he likes me anyway.


photo 2-3

Stumpy is the smallest of the Barred rocks. She is also the one who will get the closest to me. She is very cute (In my opinion!) And lays smallish light brown eggs like Pointer. In this picture her eyes are glazed over with happiness because she loves me. Okay, not really, but that would be nice.


photo 4

Pointer is my least favorite of the barred rocks, and also named because she has a pointy tail. Stumpy was named for the opposite. Her tail is stumpy and small. Pointer is also different from Stumpy because her comb is bigger and redder then Stumpy’s. Pointer is a lot like a chicken from a farm book. Average.


photo 3-2

Wrinkly is an elderly chicken who has a foot mite called Scaly Leg Mites that doesn’t hurt her, but it makes her feet look wrinkly and the leg scales peel off. A little while ago, Matt and I would put petroleum jelly on her feet every other day, and it worked well.

                            The Triplets                                    

photo 1-3 photo 1 photo 4-2

From left to right, these chickens are Poopy, Bare-patches and Broken-wing.

The Triplets are three Red stars, Reesey’s sisters. Poopy’s nick-name is from the poop always stuck to her butt. Bare-patch’s nick-name is from featherless patches on her back that are gone now. And Broken-wing’s nick-name from a raccoon attack that happened before we were even at this house. The Triplets are kind of mean to the other hens, but Reesey still loved them.


photo 2

Pocahontas is a rather greedy hen who loves snacks! If I have a handful of raisons, she will try to eat anything I hand her, like my empty hand, my dress, my shoes, anything! When I first met her, she was just a dusty grayish-black hen, but now she is a hen that is very memorable. She got brighter feathers, a love for pecking our hands (with or without food!), and did a lot of funny things, like eating a mouse whole, then sneezing it out!


photo 3-3

Raven is a pretty black hen that is fast and escapes when the weather is good. Her feathers are black with green and purple shining off of them. She caused a lot of sadness when everyone thought she was eaten by a dog. (See my post, Raven’s story, for more.) She now looks like Pocahontas, except her eyes are black and not orange like Poky’s are.


photo 3

Easter is my favorite hen. She looks like Raven but she has silver neck feathers. She is a small hen, also like Raven. Matt and I disagree on what type of chicken she is. I think she’s a Pied Suffolk, Matt thinks she’s a Australorp. I don’t think we’ll ever know. Easter is also kind of whiny. We will give the chickens a piece of bread, and she will whine. “Brrrrk, brrrrk.” she’ll say. I think that is really cute. Also, two of her toes on one foot are webbed.


photo 2-4

Patches is our first chicken to have gone broody. That means to sit on eggs to try to let them hatch. We would’t let her. I swear she still has a ‘I’m going to go crazy if you don’t let me sit on eggs’ look. She is a Java hen like Ostrich. She actually has less patches then Ostrich! By the way, naming her Patches was Matt’s idea! I would call her something more creative, like Canvas or Paint-drop.


photo 2-2 IMG_0366

Ostrich is named because she runs like an ostrich. I’m not joking! She runs while moving her body from side to side, taking long steps and stretching her neck out. She is different from Patches because she has lots of spots on her neck and Patches has a blank spot on her neck. Our second chicken to go broody. Chicken books don’t lie; Java hens really are ‘Constantly Broody’!


photo 4-3

Loosy, as we call her, is an Easter Egger. That means she lays blue-green eggs. Loosy is also hard to catch. In all the months I have had her, I have held her about once or twice. She also had really tiny wings last time I picked her up.



Buttercup likes to be pet the most of my three lambs. She has fawn colored wool. All three lambs are Shetlands.



Begonia was Sarah’s favorite lamb when we first saw them. She has chocolate brown wool and is the oldest of the lambs.



Laurel is the youngest of the three. She has grey wool (surprise!) under that fawn top color. She would rather stuff herself full of plants then be pet. 

                 Malcolm and AJ                     

IMG_0356 IMG_0350 IMG_0336

Malcolm and AJ are our barn cats. AJ is the white boy cat and Malcolm is the girl brown. They catch mice, rabbits and birds. In my opinion, AJ is softer but more easily spooked and Malcolm is braver and more trusting. They are brother and sister.


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  1. The pearl was an expression for the beautiful poem. Because a pearl is beautiful and rare. So what I meant was where did you find that lovely poem.


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