Grinning Sheep Farm and ‘Salka’

One: My family has decided to name our farm Grinning Sheep Farm!

Two: What the heck is ‘Salka’?! It is an ingredient in some tea we have, but we can’t figure out what it is! Please comment about it if you know anything.

 That’s all for now!



Me, Begonia, Azalea, Buttercup and Balsom Me and Begonia Last sunday my family went to look at newborn lambs! We want to get lambs in a couple months, so we were looking at some ones we might get.

Me and Buttercup Buttercup and Cosmos Buttercup: My favorite so far. She is just so cute!

Azalea Azalea: An adorable lamb. She is really calm and sat still most of the time we were looking at lambs.

Begonia Begonia: Sarah’s favorite. She is chocolate brown, a much sought after color.

Balsam Balsam: One of the two boys, Balsam is my least favorite lamb, but still cute.

Cosmos and Balsam Cosmos: The SO CUTE boy I love so much! Almost as much as Buttercup! He is really soft and has a furry head.

   I will update you if we see any more lambs!

The Chicken Chick and Scratch And Peck

I found a couple good websites that anyone who loves chickens should check out.

The Chicken Chick: An awesome website with lots of great DIY projects, the chicken chick is a great place to check out.

Scratch And Peck: The website is from an author who I like very much, Lauren Scheuer. She wrote a book called Once Upon A Flock about her chickens. She is also a great artist and sells shirts with some of her drawings on them. I have a shirt with the words I ♥ my photo 4 (I love my chicken!)

And take a peek at tbnranch while you are looking!

Good bye, Reesey

photo 1-4

Reesey, our first rooster, is probably going to live with the neighbors. He is leaving because he has recently attacked me. Like, five times. And he sometimes attacks my parents and Sarah is scared to go in the chicken coop because he attacked her a couple times. I will miss him, but if the neighbors take him at least I will be able to see him every couple days. If the neighbors don’t want him, I don’t know what will happen. I’m hoping for the best. My Mom heard sometimes if a rooster lives with no other roosters, they will be nicer. I hope that is true.


It is snowing! I don’t have any pictures yet, but outside looks like a drawing from a christmas book! My sisters, Matt and I have so far made an Olaf snowman from frozen who’s head keeps falling of, two snowball forts/shield, Two small sledding hills and a lot of snowballs. My family had no sleds when we moved to Colorado, but we bought 3 one-person sleds that are now nicknamed ‘Snowy’ ‘Snowball’ and ‘Razor’. I use Snowy, Sarah uses Snowball and Matt and Lucy use Razor. 

“Oh, it snowed last night

 It snowed last night.

The sky bears had a pillow fight,

Tore up all the clouds in sight, tossed down all the feathers white.

Oh, it snowed last night,

It snowed last night!”

Fun Fur: Not so Fun

Fun Fur is soft and pretty once it’s been turned into a hat or something, but SO HARD if you are trying to work with it. I tried to crochet a hedgehog body out of it and I haven’t done one stitch of it. Why? I can’t find the needle holes. So annoying. My mom says she’ll finish it, but I would still not recommend Fun Fur to anyone.

This is what you'll feel like if you try to use Fun Fur!

This is what you’ll feel like if you try to use Fun Fur!