Wrinkly’s Egg!

IMG_0464 IMG_0466 Wrinkly has spent the last year or two trying to lay an egg. Now here is the first one she has laid for us! Yay! We are going to make it into a fried egg in a couple days. I will add a picture of that, for sure!


Ostrich is Broody!!!!!

IMG_0361A couple days ago, we found out that Ostrich was broody! For the non- chicken-keepers reading, being broody means that they want to be a mother.  They find eggs (They don’t care if they are  imaginary, fake or real!) and sit on them for around a  month until the eggs hatch! First she tried to set  up her eggs in the nesting box, (Failure, as the other chickens pecked her to try to get to the  eggs) then we moved her to our barn in an old dog crate bedded with straw and with little cups of food and water. She was happy in there for a little while, then my Mom pointed out that it would be hard for her to stretch her legs. We moved IMG_0366the crate to the chickens old coop, but Ostrich didn’t want to go back in. We shoved her in and closed the door. She got frantic and broke an egg. She sampled the yolk and suddenly wanted to stay in. I pulled her out, replaced the eggy straw and removed the eggshell. All Ostrich wanted was to sit in the nesting box. We let her in and marked her 10 eggs with blue sharpie. Then we put her in the ‘Broody-Box’ as we call it. The Broody-Box is an area of the upper coop that you can block from other chickens by inserting a piece of wood with a window attached. The other chickens can look but can’t do anything else.IMG_0371IMG_0369

I hope we don’t have anymore problems with broodiness!


The first blue egg of the year!

Today I went outside and found a brown egg, another brown egg, and a blue egg! I’ve been getting only browns for four months! I thanked the chickens, but they just looked at me and I could almost hear them say, “Just give us the treat so we may gobble it up, evilly laughing at the hens who didn’t get it.” I went inside and set it on our egg holder and my mom took a picture. Thank you chickens!

Blue egg!!!!!

Blue egg!